The Debate’s Ended; I should have said this and that

You know how it is when, after a debate, you suddenly remember some things you should have said…

You start to beat yourself up because you imagine you’ve missed the chance to make a VALUABLE POINT.

Well, that VALUABLE POINT probably wasn’t yours to begin with.

In the first place, you should know that every debate/civil argument is an opportunity to learn something new.

During the back and forth, as you exchange words and opinions with your opponent, new ideas and thoughts will emerge.

When the debate is over, and you’re alone reflecting on what has been said, these new ideas and thoughts will begin to creep into your mind.

What does your mind do then? It tricks you into believing you always had that idea/thought, and should have used it during the argument.

But that’s USUALLY not the case. There’s no way you could have used the idea/thought during the argument because it wasn’t there in the first place. It was only conceived during the argument.

You should be ready to acknowledge that the debate has broadened your knowledge, and you’ve learned something new, instead of thinking you forgot to say this or that.

That doesn’t mean you deserve no credit for the new thought; after all, you took part in the debate, and you also took the time, thereafter, to reflect.

That’s all credit to yourself.

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