Helping Your Mind to Help You

There is a state of mind that favours instinctive and graceful action. It is that mental space where you find yourself thriving comfortably, without having to face ideational challenges.

We like to maintain this particular mental space, because it puts us in the perfect mode for work. However, it is a space that can easily elude one.

This is because our mental state is easily influenced by our physical condition. When things are not going very well around us, our mind suffers.

But this also means you can consciously bring about positive change to your mental state. When you improve your physical environment, your mind definitely returns the favour.

To do that, you’ve got to focus on the things you can change.

Begin in your room. Make it as beautiful as you can. The mind loves to behold beauty; indulge it. Perhaps you don’t have the means to transform your room into Shangri-La, you can still make some positive changes that require no money.

If you can’t afford the wallpaper you so much desire, you should check DIY ideas on Pinterest and YouTube to style your room yourself. Declutter your room, and make every square inch your own.

Following that, you should also consider decluttering your smartphone. Our phones have become our closest companions, and they actually influence our lives in ways we can’t imagine.

Delete redundant apps and pictures. Make best use of all features on your phone, especially the camera. Take pictures of the sunset sky, blooming flowers, gorgeous landscapes, and your beautiful self. Download productive apps, good music and ebooks. Let your mind feel at ease when you use your phone.

I wouldn’t say apps like Tiktok and Facebook are unproductive as many would have you believe. If you find a good use for them, good for you. But don’t make them an escape. The act of watching random videos continuously is rather harmful for the mind. Instead, you should have a disciplined relationship with your social media apps.

Finally, take beautiful little steps. Dance when you feel bored. Take evening strolls. Take note of (I mean, write down) anything that stands out. Give your mind something to work with. Avoid bad company. Engage in meaningful conversations. Pray to God. Sing to Him. Thank Him for life. Smile. Breathe.

There are some things you must avoid, though. They may seem to ameliorate your mental state for a while, but will hurt you on the long run. These include drugs, alcohol, excess food, social media addiction and all other addictions you can think of.

When you start making the right changes to your physical space, your mind will surely recompense you. It will go into that state (previously mentioned) where it can help you in your physical actions. Your skills will be enhanced and people will begin to notice a certain gracefulness about your actions.

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