The Comfort of Discomfort

There is a kind of sombre, melancholic comfort humans may find in hopeless, recurring situations.

It is like a man stranded in the desert, thirsty and tired. Not finding any solution to his predicament, he falls to the ground, kisses the sand, and is content, even glad to give in.

Even more likely, it is a man who is unable to break away from a fruitless routine. He has tried and tried to create a better environment for himself. But, try as he may, he just can’t break free.

Despondent, he gradually succumbs to the sadness of his situation. He falls into a depressive state, and actually begins to feel at home in it.

It is a bad mental home, but it is his home nonetheless. He takes comfort in it. And, God help the person that tries to help him.

He’ll bite any hand that tries to pull him out of his hole. He’ll snarl at anyone who dares show him kindness.

But, there may be people who truly love him. Those won’t give up on him. They’ll be the beauty about him, the light and the hope. These people will bring their hope to confront his hopelessness.

Why?—it is hopeless situations that call for hope. Most of the times, the hopeless man can’t find hope in himself, so he has to depend on the hope that others bring.

This is what I see in the body of Christ, in the church of God. I see men who are broken and dispirited, content to wallow in their sorry state.

Then I see men who bring their hope, their light, and their beauty.

I see love.

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