The Things that Make Your Heart Sink (Poem)

I was ten or eleven
When a rabid dog chased after me;
The things that make your heart sink.

Like a rock thrown into the river,
I’ve felt my heart sink—
For the fear of failure,
For money problems, and
All the problems that money can’t solve.

Nothing makes my heart sink
Like the sight of my carnal desires, laid bare.
Beneath the shining apparel
And seductive flair.

The realisation of unbridled desires;
When two demons catch sight of one another—
The one on the inside, and
The one without.
Both of them urging to converge,
Even at the risk of my choking.

I know the consequences.
I can see the dark end of the tunnel
And I can hear the demons conspire:
“If he shatters, he shatters”.

Yet I am led on,
And my heart sinks even deeper;
Not from fear this time,
But from uninhibited longing.

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