Beauty is a Balm

For all my hurting,
And there is quite a number of them—
I’ve found beauty a true balm

It wouldn’t be a strange sight
To see me mesmerized
Say, by a flower (fragile but fearless)
A baby (little but limitless)
A painting (powerful and placid)
And a glorious sunset,
Setting ever so gracefully

In the face of all my pain,
It wouldn’t be a strange sight
To see me smiling, and
Going ever so cheerfully

I say, let light fall on my ruins, let it shine against broken glasses, let it pour through the cracks, and I will ‘faith’ my way out of desolation… (observe that I use faith as a verb).

I’ll see an elephant in my cloudy skies, a dancing dolphin on the badly painted wall… Beauty is everywhere, every time—in the dark and at the darkest hour—to give me a glimpse of the divine.

I’ll gather the glimpses one by one. And my memory will be like a treasure trove where my mind can go to reassure itself.

Beauty is a Balm.

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