By The Curtain (A Poem)

By The Curtain

Sudden burst of sunset
Light up my room
And my heart too
Lure me off this desk
And draw me nigh

From one screen to another,
Pulled up to let in light
One window to another,
Offering the kinder view
Of a sunset sky

Let fleeting feelings fly by
And let emotions run amok:
The sweet observance
Of one glorious light…
Receding into the night

To my desk return
Screen for screen
Window for window
Natural light for blue light. Again!

—Revival O.

To the phenomena that steal us away from the screen of our phones and laptops — even if only temporarily — I dedicate this poem.

Sunrise, sunset, blooming flower, music, people, bird, flying or perched… there are thousands of them. Take a break, and enjoy the goodness of nature.

By The Curtain. A Poem.

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