On Corruption: Introspection

Nigeria is ridden with too many malfunctions and inadequacies. These form the crux of our predicament and lack of direction. In case you’re already thinking of casting the blame on others, consider this:

A honest demography of Nigeria will reveal that corruption truly transcends class divisions. That is, there are elements of corruption everywhere, even amongst the less privileged.

What we do is overlook our own inadequacies, and castigate those of others.

Often times, we find ourselves favoured by a malfunction in the system. Perhaps, an erring officer is doing a poor job; but it favours us, so we let them. Does that sound familiar? Maybe it is a dissident staff who allows us to jump queue. It could also be the illegal consumption of media, or any of those crimes that pass beneath the radar of public inspection.

It is easy to hide our shortfalls when the spotlight is not on us. That doesn’t make us saints. Neither are we any different from the one who has found a bigger platform to perpetuate crime.

The double standard is glaring, and it is funny, really. Most of us love the idea of individual privilege, not justice. And, until we reverse this desire, we won’t enjoy a better society.

When they say that corruption has eaten deep into the fabric of the society, they mean that the majority of us encourage it. We allow it to breed within our own circle.

No matter how small your sphere of influence is, if you use it to misappropriate power, then you’re as corrupt as the typical politician. You just share different platforms. Many are corrupt, but only a few are in the spotlight.

We may think that our own acts of lawlessness are so small, hence inconsequential. Nothing could be further from the truth. When you drop a stone into the water, there will be ripples. Why then are we surprised that the playground is not levelled?

You’d be baffled, really, to see how many corrupt practices we have allowed to become casual. If we truly desire a change, then we must be introspective. We must lay ourselves bare and begin the reparation from within.

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